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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 16, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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world discouran you. stay who you are god bless you thank you verythank you very much hello, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. new reports, the united states may engage in a military showdown with china in the south china sea. the pentagon reportedly considering u.s. surveillance aircraft and navy ships to within 12 nautical miles of disputed reefs on which china has built and claimed as their own small artificial islands. the navy's goal to force china to make concessions on man-made islands built in what the united states considers to be international waters and air space. for its part china lashed out at the american plans, saying they were quote, severely concerned. but will the united states
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follow through and will failure to do so embolden china as a result? the question is as it always seems to be what is the obama strategy? we look for answers. we will be talking with fox news strategic analyst colonel ralph peters. also president obama escalating a fight with his liberal base over a massive trade deal negotiated behind closed doors. senator elizabeth warren says that deal could be used to weaken wall street reforms under a republican president. president obama says she's quote, absolutely wrong. who's right and what will happen? we will talk about all of this with pulitzer prize winning journalist michael goodwin and democratic strategist julie radimski. and the nfl handing down tom patriots pun shallment for deflategate. the national football league meting out punishment not on concrete evidence of guilt but rather a subjective assessment of abstract probabilities.
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we begin in china and in washington with more tough talk from the obama administration. the state department now promises there will be quote, absolutely no doubt about washington's commitment to freedom of navigation and flight in the region of the south china sea when secretary of state kerry is in beijing this weekend. china's foreign ministry responded with a warning for the united states stating quote, we demand the relevant side talks and acts cautiously and does not take any actions that are risky and provocative to maintain regional peace and stability. joining us now, fox news strategic analyst, lieutenant colonel ralph peters author of the new civil war thriller "valley of the shadow." good to have you with us. china, this is a significant threat on the part of the chinese. it is also sort of an extravagant suggestion from our
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military the pentagon that it would send surveillance aircraft and war ships to the south china sea using that as some sort of test, it appears. >> it's a matter for grave concern, lou. first of all, the bottom line here is that the chinese are not going to back down. they just aren't going to do it. they do not fear president obama. they do not respect president obama. that's a global problem, of course. the second issue is okay fine all for telling the chinese they can't just take over international waters whenever they want but what's the plan? what are the rules of engagement certainly for our ships but also what happens if the chinese or some local commander opens fire hits or even sinks a u.s. vessel? what's the plan for d plus one? what do you do then? i don't trust this administration to have clearly
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thought that through. now, my biggest concern, i was thinking about this coming into the studio today, my worry and this is the extreme case worry, is that one spark goes off, the chinese fire at a u.s. vessel we get in a conflict with china or for that matter with iran or with russia. i'm worried about all the others piling on seeing an opportunity. china piling on russia piling on iran and then you've got a real global struggle and the problem is our military is not up to it. it's too small, it's too limited and it's just not prepared for multiple conflicts. >> back just a bit up to where we are in terms of the chain of decision making necessary to get to this point. why do you believe the pentagon would even pose a suggestion or idea that would send surveillance aircraft and ships into the south china sea?
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certainly they would not have done so without talking to the white house, without the clear direction of the president, the commander in chief, would they? >> no. this has to be a presidential decision something of that gravity, of that consequence. so there is a bit of a riddle to it, of course. but i think finally ashton carter the secretary of defense, probably made a case to the president with his naval subordinates that we have already let this go on too long. china is building military islands in international waters in disputed waters. it's in contravention of international law. we have always stood for the law of the seas free passage of international ships. i think there has probably been a lot of internal debate but there's a feeling we've got to send some signal to china at this point because it is threatening to blow out of control and also for all our allies clients and neutrals in the area they will have no chance and no respect for us if
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we don't show the flag as a minimum. >> showing the flag i think as you correctly suggested at the outset of your remarks, showing the flag is insufficient. unless the president's prepared to go to war here, we would be i think the expression would be damn fools to put our navy our surveillance aircraft in harm's way without an already strong commitment to engagement if our insistence isn't met with a withdrawal on the part of the chinese from these islands, these man-made islands. am i incorrect in that? >> no you're correct. we do not want a war with china. i don't think the chinese want a war with us but wars happen. and really for all the money he put into defense, all the high tech weaponry our military could not defeat china. >> if i could interject, we could not defeat china with the
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same mindset as the pentagon has possessed and our civilian leaders have possessed over the course of the last quarter century. our military has the assets the capability and the wherewithal to destroy any enemy and concurrently and contemporaneously, russia and china, if you want to go to armageddon -- >> let me put it this way. >> that isn't the result anyone wants to see. >> our military to defeat the chinese military it can't defeat china. defeating a vast nation of that sort is very very hard. we're not structured to do it and we're not going to do it and you actually hit the key point. we are not prepared to fight a real war psychologically or practically. we have the leadership at the national level that's never even suffered a bloody nose, let alone casualties. >> good to have you with us. did you actually say i hit a key
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point? did you say that to me? >> yes. lou, infinite number of monkeys, infinite number of typewriters. >> thank you. so glad i pursued the point. >> i think you are a brilliant man. >> i think you are a brilliant fellow to come up with that as a response. thanks so much. coming up the obama administration's nationwide campaign against law enforcement taking a toll. milwaukee county sheriff david clark joins us in the desperate search for survivors in nepal continues. details straight ahead. ♪ when we were young we wanted to change the world. so we did. we took a generation that was built on hope... and turned it into a generation that changed lives.
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rest a lot easier tonight because of the heroic actions of nypd officers, new york police today new york police today shot and severely wounded a madman suspected of randomly attacking several pedestrians with a hammer. the man is believed to have attacked three women and a man earlier this week. some of the victims hospitalized but all have since been released. police officers today shot the hammer-wielding suspect several times after he lunged at a female police officer and her partner with that hammer. the suspect is in critical but stable condition tonight.
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president obama is scheduled to address the national peace officers memorial service this friday as part of police week. some officers who feel the president has carried out a campaign against law enforcement plan to turn their backs on the president. my next guest will be attending that memorial service and joining us tonight is milwaukee county sheriff david clark. good to have you with us, sheriff. your thoughts on the propriety of the officers turning their backs on the president. >> thanks for having me lou. first of all, i think the president of the united states should take a flyer this year and name somebody else to represent him. it hasn't been a good year for him and local law enforcement. he's shown nothing but contempt and utter disdain for the american police officer. as for individual officers who i've heard may want to turn their back on him when he speaks that's a decision that they will have to make and i support that decision. sometimes it's misinterpreted.
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what it is is a salute to the fallen officers for the which the political class, including the president and others, have turned their back on us. >> if that happens, you can expect that there will be considerable if you will blowback from the national media. your thoughts on that prospect? >> well it's the liberal mainstream media that's been carrying this anti-cop rhetoric this false narrative about our character, the honor, the distinction of the american law enforcement officer, it's ginned up by this cop-hating crowd. it wouldn't surprise me that they would make a big deal about it but at the same time they don't seem to want to make a big deal about the president of the united states former attorney general eric holder and others mayor bill de blasio turning their backs on local law enforcement and continuing to bash us in the face of this difficult time. it's been a deadly year for law enforcement officers. i heard a statistic that law
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enforcement officer line of duty deaths are up like 90% or nearly 90% in the last year. so that's when i say in the face of this difficult time i think it would be wise politically for the president to take a flyer this year. >> 51 officers killed 51 officers killed last year up from 27 officers killed the previous year. as you say, about 90%. i understand tonight you are attending as part of police week in washington, d.c. a candlelight vigil to salute those officers killed in the line of duty. give us your thoughts about what that means to you, the other officers and how you would expect perhaps the administration to also honor those officers perhaps even tonight. >> well it would be a good time for them to take heed.
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it's a somber week for us but tell you what it's also a week police officer week to rally around the things we do to keep our communities safe. every law enforcement officer in the united states of america knows somebody on that wall. there are over 20,000 names of officers killed in the line of duty. there are people that i worked with there are people that i attended the police academy with so it's a moving event, the candlelight vigil tonight and the ceremony on friday. i would encourage anybody any time you get a chance to visit the nation's capital, stop in at the law enforcement officers memorial. you will be moved by what you see there. >> sheriff david clark, thank you very much for spending some time with us tonight. >> thank you, lou. up next the nfl's handling of deflategate reminiscent of well left wing fascism, liberal authoritarian authoritarianism? what's going on in this country? what's happened to the nfl? my commentary next.
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a few thoughts now as tom brady prepares the appeal of his suspension over deflategate. brady's agent, don yee, wasted no time or words in rejecting the wells report and slamming the nfl's punishment. he wrote quote, the discipline is ridiculous and has no legitimate basis. the nfl has a well-documented history of making poor disciplinary decisions that often are overturned when truly independent and neutral judges or arbitrators preside. ted wells today defended his report in a conference call. >> the decision in this report was one thing, it was the evidence. those conclusions were not influenced in any way, shape or form by anyone at the league office. i think it is wrong to criticize my independence just because you
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disagree with my findings. >> putting aside the findings and let's take a look at the independence. wells, in fact has a long association with the nfl. in fact he's represented the nfl for years in concussion lawsuits. perhaps wells isn't as independent as he and goodell would like to maintain. wells and goodell have talked about what is good for the game but their actions have hardly been good for the game or the nfl. for his part goodell tried to hide from his responsibility in deflategate by assigning his executive vice president, troy vincent, to the case as if his direct report would somehow be independent and objective. as for deflategate, there are lots of problems for the nfl. brady's agent says he participated in a wide ranging interview with no conditions for about five and a half hours, yet some of his testimony was not included. as for not turning over his
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private phone records to the nfl, when did the nfl acquire search and seizure powers and when was it decided a player forfeits his rights of privacy or for that matter any of his constitutional rights? the questions just compound themselves. why did the nfl not examine all the footballs in possession of the two teams, in possession of the indianapolis colts, while they did examine those of the patriots. and why didn't the wells report note the referee's statement that the pressure readings were taken with the wrong gauge by those investigating, which understated the inflation level of the game balls. the colts raised their concerns about underinflation before their game with the patriots but the nfl and this to me is a very important issue, the nfl chose not to talk with the patriots about any of the allegations that had been made or the fact that they were going to make
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certain that the balls were inflated to whatever level. why would the nfl not talk with the patriots unless their purpose was to entrap them rather than protect the game and to preserve rules. surely no one at nfl headquarters is dumb enough to think that more drama is good for the nfl or for that matter their job security. instead, brady's agent says the nfl talked only with the colts and then carried out a sting operation against brady and the patriots. it is hard to argue with his interpretation. it is hard not to be absolutely disgusted by the suggestion. roger goodell is now leading the nfl from behind trying it appears to preserve his job at all costs, whether to the truth to proportionality, to fairness and balance or further amidst cost to the nfl itself goodell
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continues to insist on leading from behind. his coercive leadership without regard to consequence, wielding power without regard to facts and the good of the game and truth is far more consistent with the authoritarian tone and style that seems have become the preferred style of liberal washington. and i think this time goodell has provoked a public relations battle and a legal battle that i believe he will lose. and in losing those battles, he may well lose his job and in my opinion, appropriately so. our quotation of the evening. a leader is best when people barely know he exists when his work is done his aim fulfilled, they will say we did it ourselves. chinese poet and philosopher, lau tzu. the cease-fire didn't last 24 hours. the gulf arab coalition dropping
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more bombs on the enemy. former national security advisor joins us on the arab summit with mr. obama and how seriously should we take china's threats?
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favorability rating has dropped to 45%, nearly 6 in 10 americans now saying she was improperly influenced by clinton foundation donors while she was secretary of state. in head-to-head polling, mrs. clinton now loses to republican jeb bush. she once led him by four points just last month. governor mike huckabee also losing by three points but that is certainly within the margin of error. the u.s. military disputing claims by the iraqi government today. iraq's defense ministry announcing a u.s.-led coalition air strike near mosul killed the islamic state's second in command. pentagon spokesman says it has no information with which to corroborate the iraqi claim. joining us tonight is john hanna, former national security advisor for former vice president dick cheney. good to have you with us. let's first turn to the gulf
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summit. two heads of state from the six arab nations show up. is that still a summit? >> i think it's hardly a summit. we have to call it something else. a meeting of the deputy heads of state and the president? i don't know what you would call it. >> we are going to call it g-2 because only two heads of states are there, the affection on the part of washington for gs when they talk about meetings. what can possibly be a clearer message in this meeting amongst these six nations or at least their delegations and the president than there is immense distrust on the part of the arab states of this government and its policies? >> huge lou. it's just a fundamental crisis of confidence in the gulf in american leadership. they watched what the president has done for six years, his entire presidency virtually has been about getting the united states out of the region and cutting a grand bargain with
7:32 pm
iran. the arch-enemy of these gulf arabs. so the thought of coming here and believing any kinds of assurances that the president is prepared to give them they just weren't going to play shilles in his photo op. >> also making its voice well heard today, iran making it clear that if u.s. or any other nation tries to interdict it says is an aid ship going to yemen, that it will set a fire in the region. your reaction to that warning? >> yeah. my guess is that it's a lot of iranian bluster but let's face it you never know for sure. little more than 25 years ago, a much less capable iranian navy tried to challenge ronald reagan in the persian gulf and lost a good part of their navy went to the bottom of the sea.
7:33 pm
so there's always a chance that the iranians could miscalculate challenge us and then we are going to see if president obama has any ronald reagan in him. >> well if there is ronald reagan a ronald reagan in him, it's not obvious. john kerry, his secretary of state, meeting with russian leaders, leaving that meeting in sochi, russia with nothing, then turkey then on to beijing, where kerry's folks at the state department made it clear that he will make it clear to the chinese that the waters of the south china seas will be freely navigable as will the air space yet already it's not. your reaction to this sort of late concern about freedom of passage? >> yeah. now, this is the fundamental problem with the obama administration's foreign policy
7:34 pm
lou. the essential weakness at the heart of that policy that when you do try to be tough, nobody believes you and it does open the way for the kinds of provocations that we're seeing whether it's from china, russia or iran and it creates a huge potential for exactly the type of thing that obama's been trying to avoid, which is a conflict with any of these major powers. so i think the chickens are coming home to roost for a very weak foreign policy. >> it is a strange pattern that is now observable in this administration's conduct of policy however vague, and that is on the one hand with china, as it is threatening them it is trying to negotiate and has negotiated a substantial part of a deal to acquire advanced u.s. nuclear reactors and advanced technology nuclear technology
7:35 pm
from the united states. at the same time as it seeks to reduce ostensibly iran's nuclear capability and its program with its talks, it is also confronting iran over yemen. this is a peculiar pattern, sanctions against russia while russia acquires crimea and continues to if you will carry out an incursion in eastern ukraine without consequence. this is not only contradictory, it looks desultory and actually destructive of u.s. interests. >> yeah as -- i agree with you, lou. i think the uncertainty and unpredictability is the thing. if people don't know what you do if they don't believe what you stand for, if they don't believe those red lines are really red lines, that's when you begin to get into very
7:36 pm
dangerous territory. enemies begin to challenge you in ways that can quickly escalate into dangerous conflict and your friends and allies that you rely on when the times get tough just don't have any faith that they can believe you anymore. >> one thing has become increasingly clear. those red lines don't amount to much, do they? >> no. those are quickly fading to white. >> thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thanks, lou. hattiesburg, mississippi mourning the deaths of two police officers killed over the weekend. benjamin deen and liquori tate were making what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop saturday evening when they were shot and killed. four suspects have been arrested. they are charged in connection with the officers' deaths. it's not clear what prompted the gunfire but the mother of two of the suspects says one of her sons has mental problems is addicted to drugs and appeared
7:37 pm
to be high to her as she looked at his booking photo. incidents like the one in mississippi leading some critics to accuse the obama justice department of waging an outright war against law enforcement. former nypd police commissioner howard safer slammed former attorney general eric holder for blatantly mistreating law enforcement during his entire tenure. >> eric holder the previous attorney general, had a war on police. he spent more time investigating police departments than he did investigating criminals. >> joining me now, former department of justice official christian adams. good to have you here. do you agree with the former nypd commissioner? >> well i do and the evidence is clear. not only was it the attorney general, it was his entire department that had a war on police. he was just the head of a broad effort in the civil rights division to go after police
7:38 pm
departments and attempt to control them from washington, d.c. >> as we see two more officers killed in hattiesburg, this is in your judgment creating an of further mistrust a greater division rather than any seeming effort to improve the atmosphere the attitudes of either the community or broadly, the nation. >> from top to bottom at the doj, you had people acting as if the police were the problem in places like baltimore, while cities are burning in ferguson you have lawyers and political appointees and the attorney general himself blaming cops for this sort of thing. it starts at the top, it goes to the bottom. there's an idealogical hatred it starts in our universities it ends up at the justice department. the lawyers who work there, as you know are some of the most
7:39 pm
anti-police lawyers in the entire federal government. they came from organizations that fought the police and now they are on a government salary gs-15, $160,000 a year going after police departments. >> what is it going to take to revert these attitudes, this approach on the part of this administration if it can be reverted? >> it's going to take an understanding that it's not just the attorney general. it will take a commitment by the next attorney general and a republican administration to stop with the idealogical warfare, stop with using the justice department as a political weapon to satisfy your political base that hates cops. it's going to take a law and order precedency, quite frankly. we saw this in this country before where cities were being burned down and it affected a national election in 1968. >> attorney general, the new attorney general loretta lynch now investigating the baltimore police department at the request of the mayor, who has been in charge of that police department
7:40 pm
for five years. what are we to make of it? what is the likely result? >> well it shows you loretta lynch is not going to be different than eric holder most likely. she is continuing with this institutional policy that is skeptical of the police. she isn't doing anything about the bad behavior in her own justice department in police investigations. then you have the baltimore mayor who, what can you say good about this person? she encourages violence during the riots, zones and room to destroy, then she invites the justice department in. that's not how it's supposed to work. the justice department is supposed to come in when facts might show a pattern or practice of federal civil rights violations. one incident is not a pattern or practice. sometimes two incidents aren't even a pattern or practice. but these days it doesn't seem to matter. >> christian adams, good to have you here. thank you. coming up senate democrats say no way did the president's
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turning to the race for 2016 the mainstream liberal media's treatment of republican
7:45 pm
candidates. bloomberg's politics reporter today forced to apologize after he was roundly criticized under significant fire for his recent interview with senator ted cruz. as you will see, halpern, well, he lost his way. >> when you filled out your application to princeton and harvard law school did you list yourself as hispanic? >> i list myself as cuban-american. i grew up eating cuban food all the time. >> i wanted to give you opportunity to directly welcome your colleague, senator sanders, to the race. i would like you to do it, if you would, in espaniole. >> i'm going to stick to english but i appreciate the invitation, senor. >> senator cruz i think handled that about as graciously as anyone could possibly.
7:46 pm
halpern, i will not describe his conduct. his apology, well senator cruz said it was unnecessary. he took no offense. see what i mean about gracious? joining us now, pulitzer prize winning columnist for the "new york post" michael goodwin. democratic strategist fox news political analyst, julie radinski. good to have you both here. ted cruz was extraordinary. >> i called mark out when i saw this interview. i could not believe it. i'm no fan of ted cruz but you are absolutely right. >> are you a fan of mark halpern? >> not after this. the apology was kind of you know if people were offended then i'm sorry. there's no excuse. how do you racially profile somebody like that making somebody speak in spanish? it was beyond ignorant. it was rude and unacceptable. ted cruz was beyond gracious. i agree with you on that. >> what's interesting of course is i don't believe halpern or anybody like that would ever do that to a democratic cuban-american. it's only a republican. somehow there's an issue there and i believe it's at the heart
7:47 pm
of you're not authentic if you're not liberal. >> i don't know about that. i think if you had bob menendez on a cuban democrat he probably would have done the same to him. >> jeb bush would say you're dealing in hypotheticals here. >> i am. i am. you're right. >> the governor had a terrific interview with meghyn kelly. he then recanted a bit, perhaps the most important bit in that interview. here's what he was saying. >> on the subject of iraq obviously very controversial, knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion? >> i would have. >> so in other words, in 20/20 hindsight you would make a different decision? >> i don't know what that decision would have been. that's a hypothetical. but the simple fact is mistakes were made as they always are in life. >> what do you make of that? >> you know i'm offended as a
7:48 pm
political consultant. i'm offended that he wasn't prepared for the question that he was obviously going to get. >> which one? >> the one about iraq. how do you not have a pat answer down to say -- and then he doubled down on hannity and said well we don't know it's a hypothetical. it is? if you had known what you know now, yes or no would you have voted for it. how is that a hypothetical? >> i heard him say also to sean hannity that i misinterpreted the question to mean if i had known then you know so none of it makes any sense. was he just careless? does he wake up in the morning and discover he had started a storm? >> there are a couple of problems. one is megyn couldn't have been more succinct and direct in her question. he couldn't have been more direct in saying yes, i would have. then things got complicated later. that's sad to witness when you start seeing these backflips against the obvious. i think you probably lose more
7:49 pm
than just by standing by what apparently he didn't mean when he said it the first time. >> authenticity should never be underestimated as a value for people. they want to know that you stand behind what you say, particularly on important issues like the iraq war which his brother of course launched. it was foolish for him to be so careless. >> on the president's free trade agenda and his desperately sought trade promotion authority that is the power to suspend congressional constitutional powers to amend legislation. >> i don't know what's going on tonight. i'm agreeing with you on way too many things so i'm not liking this. but i'm totally opposed to this trade deal for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is exactly what you talked about. why does the president get to unilaterally decide and then inform us of what's going to happen with a trade deal? how about we have specific trade deals and we decide whether we will vote on them or not. >> that wouldn't be nearly so comfortably authoritarian as apparently this president likes. what are the republicans doing
7:50 pm
here? 52 of them lining up and voting like lemmings for something they don't even comprehend, apparently. >> a lot of them probably don't know what's in it which talk about agreeing. i find myself agreeing with elizabeth warren for a change. >> my god, this is a serious night all together. >> when she says release the tax, i think that's a reasonable answer. let's debate what's actually in it not just the power to unilaterally -- >> oh, no. so cumbersome to ask our senators and congressmen to actually read legislation, comprehend it -- >> let the public read it for them. >> why should we take anybody's word for it? why take this president or any president's word for it? >> anybody taking anybody's word in washington, d.c. right now, you are out of your mind. >> agreed. >> great to have you with us. the other part of this is don't you think there should be a little embarrassment particularly in the house? they are suing the president of the united states for abuse of executive authority while trying to hand their constitutional authority over to him on the
7:51 pm
subject of trade. >> and mitch mcconnell decides to vote against the bill purely so he can raise it again. horrible. >> the foolish consistency. >> yes, you're right. we don't have to wrangle against that in washington. good to have you both here. up next brady fights back. what are his legal chances of success? we will take that up and more.
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tom brady's agent says he's appealing his suspension in the deflategate scandal and here to talk about some of the potential legal issues and ramifications, two of the best attorneys. defense attorney rebecca rose woodland. fox news legal analyst, author, lis wiehl. let me start with this wells report. it has a mess of problems in it. what in the world is the nfl doing relying on such a difficultly incomplete -- >> can we start with some of the language? when he says it's more probable than not, i'm quoting, that brady was again quote, at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities. are you kidding? that would never hold up in a court of law. >> it's going to have to now. >> well what will happen is it
7:56 pm
will be appealed but it will go to goodell or whoever else the nfl is going to take this case because he has the authorization to take it but he can also give it to somebody else. then if the appeal is not taken after that or it's squashed then brady can go to the federal court and say -- go to the federal court. that has happened -- >> will they not look like fools using this language like the probability -- >> it's incredible. >> in an appeal process, i think goodell will probably hover because he doesn't want to take the heat on this. anyone he appoints as we have seen previously in the last two appointments that goodell made they overturned his suspension. so the report is probably not going to hold any water. it's circumstantial. it's ridiculous. >> it ignores the facts and sets a tone that is downright authoritarian on the part of goodell. as i said in my commentary he's leading from behind and doing a lousy job of it. the owners have got to be beside themselves with what he's doing because he's perpetuating this
7:57 pm
incompetence this perception that the nfl is run by amateurs. >> one of the things talked about in this report is that brady did not cooperate, whatever that means, in the sense that he did cooperate. he gave them statements, he spoke with them. the only reason he didn't cooperate was he was not willing to give over his personal e-mails. >> they should talk to clinton. there is more of an uproar in the nfl. >> is there a search and seizure provision within the nfl? come o tom brady was advised not to give it over. it's not as if he said i'm obstructing justice. >> who the hell do these people think they are? >> exactly. >> by the way, to that point, that's why there's a collective bargaining agreement. in that collective bargaining agreement, perhaps no one pointed this out to mr. goodell, but he is required to make these decisions on discipline and
7:58 pm
punishment. he can't hand it off, the old expression you can't delegate responsibility. you can attempt authority. but the reality is he has to under the terms of that agreement, to make the decision. >> if he decides against brady right now, i really do think it will go to federal court. here's the other thing brady can point to. ray rice hey, ravens two suspensions? that was before the videotape came out and all that. bottom line for him was two game suspension. now, i don't know much about football but i can tell you two is better than four, right? >> especially tom brady and the amount he's going to lose. >> let's imagine a normal business environment, an employee says to the h.r. department to the ceo, you know we've got somebody i don't think they're following policy here. what would you think of that department or that ceo if he
7:59 pm
said oh, okay we're going to find out, we're going to go over here and check it out. why would they not have a discussion find out what the deal is the attitude -- >> of course. of course. >> it is a coercive authoritarian approach. don yee, brady's agent, says it is a sting operation. i'll be damned if i don't think he isn't exactly right. >> i mean of course his agent's going to say that. obviously he will support his client, as he should. >> i know that everyone's playing their part here but the reality is is that not what it appears? >> well it does appear that something went very awry here and there wasn't enough information obtained. [ speaking simultaneously ] >> that's what i thought. handle it quietly, let the parties sit down in a private room. >> does brady win an appeal? >> i think so. absolutely. >> wait a minute. it depends on who handles the appeal. [ speaking simultaneously ]
8:00 pm
>> more likely than not. yes. >> i love that. thank you both for being here. good night from new york. america. . >> a century old amusement park that could be lost forever. >> dying on the vine down here. >> our time is over. it's serious. >> a divided family on the verge of a painful split. >> no amusement park in the world has been owned by a family as long as this one. >> the family loyalty has disintegrated. it's fodder for disaster. >> and a reprieve from the governor, but will it be enough? >> the day after labor day amusement park is not open down there. my father is flipping in his grave right now.


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